What luggage to choose for your next trip?

Who doesn't know: summer vacation is finally approaching and between travel preparations, clothing chaos and the questions "Do I really need this? Do I even have the right suitcase? The compartments of the suitcase are filled with the most diverse models in all sizes, colors, materials ... How to decide? The right suitcase - does it really exist? Of course it does! Here are some questions you should ask yourself when buying a suitcase:

On what occasion have you traveled?

Hard-shell suitcases in xxl size are the best choice for vacation travel. Here, you can pretty much spread everything over the two shells and use the space to the last corner - here a few more shoes, there a top...! On a short trip, I like to travel with just a carry-on bag - it avoids long waits at the airport. A small cart, a backpack, that you can take with you when you explore the city - that's it. When traveling on business, I prefer medium-sized soft luggage. Jackets don't wrinkle inside and the best part is that in the front pockets you can store chocolate or other sweets for long train rides or airport wait times.

What size suitcase do I need?

Luggage size guidelines are becoming increasingly strict. It is therefore advisable to check with the airline in advance to find out the size of the respective luggage. This way, it is not necessary to pay extra at the flight check-in counter. Of course, the length of the trip determines the size of the luggage to be taken. However, there are several models, ranging from a small hand luggage made to hold a computer to a luggage that can hold several clothes and accessories. For example, for a two-day business trip, the cart is often enough, while a two-week stay with children requires something more, such as a suitcase set. Please note that checked baggage is also limited in weight - usually to a maximum of 23 kg. This limit may vary from airline to airline, so please check in advance!

What are the different suitable materials?

Polycarbonate is the most popular hard shell material. It is strong and lightweight. The classic aluminum cases on the other hand really attract the attention of the fans of this kind. For soft luggage, there are only nylon and polyester as materials. Both are suitable for travel and are easy to fill, especially with the built-in expansion joints.

How to recognize a good suitcase?

Simply take the suitcase and roll it around a bit. Also, try the zippers, telescopic handle and lock. If the rollers and locks used are of good quality, the zippers should work perfectly.

What should I consider for carry-on luggage?

Size standards vary from airline to airline. With 50x40x20cm, you are almost always on the right side. Depending on the supplier, a handbag, laptop bag or backpack is allowed in addition to the cart. But here too there are regulations on maximum weight - so only take the most necessary things! You may only carry liquids with a maximum capacity of 100 ml in your hand luggage, which must be stored safely in plastic bags. Here too: inform yourself in advance! The regulations are becoming increasingly strict. For longer trips, it is of course recommended to have the most important things and an extra set of clothes in your hand luggage - you never know!

Is a suitcase lock recommended?

Yes! For some time now, there has been a TSA suitcase lock. This is a worldwide security lock, which can be opened by security personnel with a special key. This way you avoid the danger of your beautiful new suitcase being broken into. Combination locks are also a good investment. Every combination lock is set differently and experience has shown that many people have difficulties with them.

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