Theme travel, what type of traveler are you?

Not everyone travels the same way. Every person is different, and so is every tourist. We must admit that there is a wide range of travelers. They do not have the same interests. Here is some information on the main profiles of travelers. This allows us to know which destinations would be suitable according to the travel theme they like.

The sedentary traveler

The expression "sedentary traveler" seems contradictory. It is indeed obvious that a sedentary traveler is not very inclined to travel, stay and do activities in far away destinations. However, it is possible to travel while remaining in one's country. How does it work? Many people organize their weddings and similar events with a travel, vacation, sea and beach theme. They bet on the excellence of the decoration. For example, for a theme wedding ceremony, the couple can choose greenery and sea colors for the room decoration, table decoration, table runner, dragee boxes, wedding urn... Decorative accessories are also in the spotlight such as balloons, photos with greenery landscapes, glasses with summer colors, satin ribbon and other glittering and fluorescent items. Attending this type of wedding will make you feel like you're on vacation. If you are a sedentary traveler, the tourist attractions and activities in your country are enough to delight you. For parties and ceremonies with a travel and escape theme, you won't even have to travel for miles to get that wonderful travel feeling. It can be a wedding, an anniversary...

Are you a gastronomic traveler?

The gastronomic traveler, although fond of cultural visits during a stay or a vacation in another country, puts the emphasis on the travel theme of cuisine and delights for the taste buds. Among the top destinations for a culinary trip in Europe, there is first of all Italy, whose cuisine needs no introduction. Local organic markets, tastings of cold cuts and cheese, stews and traditional dishes, succulent wines and liqueurs, the dolce vita is all yours during a stay in Italy! A gastronomic traveler will feel like a fish in water in places like Tuscany. A guided tour of the country's wine cellars might be the best excursion. You also can't refuse the balanced and tasty Mediterranean diet of countries like Greece. Armenia is one of the top destinations for food tourism lovers. This country promotes home cooking in particular. You will have the right to a travel theme rich in encounters and moments of sharing through the ancient cities of a country still too little known. Ukraine, and especially Kiev, is to be discovered during a short gastronomic and cultural stay. Between molecular cuisine and traditional brewery, this country promises a journey of incomparable flavors. Ireland is worth the detour when you like the culinary theme trip. Go trout fishing in the magnificent landscapes of Connemara. Succumb to the afternoon tea in a sumptuous castle. Try again to visit Galway, the bohemian and gastronomic capital of the country. If you are one of those gastronomic travelers eager to discover new flavors, you might be interested in any part of India, where spices abound, creating new nuances on your palate.

The cultural traveler's desire to discover

The cultural traveler is eager to devour museums and monuments in general. In addition, he is interested in the historical part of the cities. This cultural theme trip is a very interesting way to travel. The traveler is intellectually enriched by his cultural tours and visits. The old continent knows a lot about culture. That is why destinations like Rome can be a precious marvel for the tourist profile of the cultural traveler. A hotel in Granada, in front of the Alhambra, would be the ideal accommodation for many of these travelers. Destinations rich in history such as Poland and Germany are not to be forgotten for his cultural theme trip. In addition, the cultural traveler has a wide range of destinations on other continents. It is for example judicious to leave to discover the Inca monument of Machu Picchu or to go to Egypt to discover the mysterious pyramids.

Ecotourism, the ecological and natural traveler

Ecotourism is a new way of traveling. More and more tourists are leaving behind stones, museums and cultural buildings, and are focusing on nature. Despite the degradation of the environment, there are still many destinations filled with natural beauty, little exploited by man and willing to show tourists and travelers their green and natural side. Ecotourism is a way of traveling that promotes responsibility towards the natural environment. This concerns for example the reasonable use of resources such as water, waste reduction... It also concerns the respect of the indigenous populations as well as the valorization of the local economy. One of the main options in terms of ecotourism travel theme is to go to Costa Rica to see its natural parks. Let's add to this list of destinations of choice to discover New Zealand where the splendor of nature leaves you speechless. Destinations and places like Canada or Reunion Island are popular with ecotourism enthusiasts. Brazil completes this list of destinations indicated for green tourism. This country has many natural treasures and picturesque sites such as the Iga├žu Falls, the Amazon rainforest, the bay of Rio... Also, go to the West of Brazil, to the Pantanal, the largest swampy area in the world which covers an area equivalent to a third of France.

The traveler adept of beach tourism

Beach tourism is a travel theme that has become unprecedentedly popular with travelers and vacationers. Lazing around on the beach without worrying about anything but putting sunscreen on your skin, this is an activity that vacationers love. Travelers who enjoy beach tourism aspire to go to exotic destinations like the Maldives and Hawaii. For the pleasure of beach tourism, you should know that Spain has a lot to offer. Staying in Ibiza, Formentera, Fuerteventura or Lanzarote is a good idea. These cities have some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean, with the right atmosphere. Think again about going to the Greek Islands for your next beach theme trip.

The nightlife traveler

The nightlife traveler is generally a young tourist who wants to have fun. This is a traveler who does not like to spend money on travel and accommodation. This allows them to have more budget for nightlife and entertainment. Europe is the best option for those who like to go out at night. Airline connections are cheaper than for trips to other continents. It will not be difficult to find a hotel in Amsterdam or Madrid at a good price. In addition to these two European countries, there are other destinations with a fun and nightlife theme, such as Berlin and Paris. The atmosphere is guaranteed for young people who want to have fun, get away and let go!

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