Sustainable travel: explore the world responsibly!

Over the past few decades, tourism has become an industry with enormous potential. The movement of people into tourism has grown at an extraordinary rate, on a global scale. Sustainable travel can be incredibly rewarding not only for the traveler, but also for the planet! To do this, it is essential to adopt strategies that help preserve the environment and create greener tourism practices. With a protected tourist site, everyone will be able to benefit, especially the populations of this country.

The most suggested tourist sites among many others in the world

In this article, we have selected a few places considered as natural wonders and listed a set of attitudes and small initiatives that can help promote conscious tourism. Be inspired by these 5 wonderful tourist destinations and book your trip now: The Azores archipelago is a great option for nature tourism in Portugal, being an excellent tourist destination. The long list of natural parks, protected areas, forest reserves and places of geological interest make the Azores a true sanctuary of biodiversity and geo diversity. Don't miss a visit to the Lagoon of the Seven Cities on the island of S. Miguel, a landscape of great beauty. Miguel Island, a landscape of indescribable beauty. The Azores tourist circuits are one of the safest bets for ecotourism lovers. The incredible nature of this country is a real paradise for travelers looking for ecological destinations. In addition to the undeniable beauty of its attractive natural parks, Egmont National Park and Mount Aspiring are full of mountains, volcanoes, hot springs and cowrie woods as giant native trees. The country promotes the preservation of its environmental space in an exemplary way. The Swedish capital, Stockholm, is one of the greenest cities on the planet. This is due to the nation's collective effort to reduce CO₂ emissions per capita since 1990. This mentality has put Sweden on the map as one of the leading sustainable tourist destinations. Nature lovers will fall in love with this wonderful country, the beauty of the landscape and the respect for the environment. Mexico is a country with an enviable biodiversity and an incredible cultural heritage. In the Riviera Maya, for example, there are hotels where you can enjoy five different ecosystems. In the Yucatán Peninsula, you can also go on adventure tours with experienced local guides, immerse yourself in Mayan culture by visiting the ruins of Tulum, dive in the beautiful canotes or relax with pre-Hispanic indigenous massages and treatments. Australia is the ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts. It is a country of rare beauty, with heavenly white sand beaches on the Gold Coast, numerous forests, beautiful coral on the Great Barrier Reef and unique wildlife on Kangaroo Island (kangaroos, koalas and even penguins). Full of recreational opportunities, the country also offers special experiences such as visiting an indigenous community. The good news for travelers is that in any destination, they can practice sustainable tourism! Here are some tips for traveling conscientiously, anywhere on the planet:

Preserve the environment:

- Be a responsible traveler and respect nature! Adopt sustainable habits, such as recycling, reusing and walking! - Always pick up your garbage and don't take "local souvenirs" like shells or rocks. - Say no to plastic: use reusable water bottles and choose reusable backpacks or bags. - Present materials digitally: with the growing number of digital resources, it's virtually unnecessary to print airline tickets, vouchers or maps. - Avoid food waste and save water at bath time. - Don't leave the air conditioning or TV on unnecessarily in the room. - Whenever possible, choose walking or biking tours. In addition to being fun and healthy, these are more environmentally friendly practices.

Give priority to the local economy:

- Opt for typical restaurants rather than international chains. Consume local products and choose organic alternatives, as these products tend to have better sustainable practices. - Hire local guides and opt for local trade and crafts. - Give preference to sustainable establishments, such as rural tourism units that preserve natural heritage.

Respect local culture:

During your trip, please respect the traditions and cultures of a place as well as its community. - Research local traditions and follow the rules of behavior, even if they are different from your own. - Learn a few words of the local language and contact the locals directly to promote cultural exchange. - Value local customs and the opportunity for new and more authentic experiences. - Invest in a more humanistic and less consumerist approach. Our mission, as travelers and global citizens, should be to enhance the experience, personal recreation and manage our activities in a sustainable manner. Help preserve our planet for future generations! Travel, explore and make our little "world" a better place!

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