From airsoft to treasure hunting, 8 outdoor activities to do with friends

Going on vacation with friends is often synonymous with memorable moments that will leave lasting memories. Whether in France or abroad, a stay with friends is always conducive to outdoor activities where the key words are relaxation, sharing, conviviality and joie de vivre. What are the best activities to practice to spend a good time with your loved ones?

Airsoft, when friends become enemies

Mixing strategy, speed, adrenaline and coordination, airsoft is an excellent activity to have fun with friends. Based on a military philosophy, this sport is growing in popularity, especially thanks to the considerable growth of war video games. The principle of airsoft is simple: two teams compete on a field set up as a battlefield, usually located in the forest, away from homes. Each member of the same team is assigned a well-defined role: sniper, undercover agent, deminer, etc. All participants are provided with airsoft equipment including a replica ball gun (pistol, rifle or air rifle), helmet, magazines, safety glasses, etc.

Paintball, the cousin of airsoft

Paintball uses almost the same principle as airsoft, with a few differences, especially concerning the weapons. While airsoft is practiced with replica weapons with small caliber hard balls, paintball uses weapons with paint balls. Here too, two teams face each other on a field dedicated to the practice of this activity. Each team tries to find and steal the other's flag while protecting their own flag. When a player is hit by a paintball, the referee rules that he is offside. The referee is also there to ensure that players do not make physical contact with each other. A game of paintball is a great way to relax with friends and to strengthen the bonds of friendship.

Rafting, strong sensations guaranteed

Want to share an adrenaline-filled experience with friends? Rafting is an ideal activity for thrill seekers. The objective is to go down rapids with the help of an inflatable raft. Considered an extreme sport that requires a lot of teamwork, rafting is also a popular leisure activity, practiced in most countries of the world. Beyond the thrill of the ride, rafting is also a great way to reconnect with nature as it is practiced on rivers winding through snow-capped mountains, offering stunning scenery.

Hiking in the wilderness

Less original than airsoft or rafting, hiking remains one of the best activities to practice outdoors with your friends. It provides both a sense of peace and wonder, enhanced by the fact that it is shared with your friends. Often offering breathtaking landscapes that can be admired while walking along marked trails, hiking is a great opportunity to enjoy memorable moments in an enchanting setting. You can do it in many countries such as Greece. It can be done on foot but also by bike or horse.

Karting race

Nothing like a go-kart race to have fun with friends. Each participant gets into a racing car and drives around the circuit, challenging each other to see who can be the fastest. A fun activity mixing challenge, speed and coolness.

Have fun in an amusement park

Guaranteed to thrill and excite, amusement parks are a great way to spend unforgettable moments with your friends. Imposing roller coasters, sensational rides or even shooting contests, these places dedicated to relaxation and fun are always a promise of excellent moments to live.

Learn about snow sports

Going on vacation with friends at the water's edge is an ideal opportunity to learn the pleasures of board sports. Surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, stand up paddle or body boarding, these activities provide unique sensations. Sharing a learning course with friends encourages mutual support and can lead to new passions.

Go on a treasure hunt

Solving riddles, collecting clues, finding your way with a map, treasure hunting is an ideal activity for sharing good times with friends. It can take place in the forest or in a village and each team must coordinate its efforts to find the treasure before the other. Beyond the fun aspect of this experience, it is also an excellent way to strengthen cohesion and communication.

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