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Tired of the routine and stress of everyday life? Relax during your trip in the heart of a country of a thousand wonders! Whether you’re on a family holiday, a couple’s trip or a trip with friends, the experts in the field offer you quality services.

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the trip

Find enchanting destinations to experience an exceptional adventure during your stay on travelnewsmagazine.com. A long list of spectacular locations awaits you at the online professionals. Travel to the sun, travel to the mountains, guarantee your pleasure with perfect preparation.

Travel Destinations

Create wonderful memories while opting for the famous unusual destinations that are a great choice for families. So make your reservations early!

Transport and travel

Travel by train or by plane, different means of transport are at your disposal. Allied to pleasure and ease, these tools simplify your travel during your stay.

What to pack
in your suitcase

Your means of payment

Your means of payment

Means of payment are essential during your stay. Don’t forget to bring cash or a bank card if you wish.

Your first aid kit

Your first aid kit

A first aid kit should be included in your suitcase as a first aid kit. It is very useful in case of an emergency or if you feel unwell, for example.

Your high-tech equipment

Your high-tech equipment

Smartphones are essential for smooth communication when travelling, to capture your good moments and create memories.

Your important documents

Your important documents

To ensure your safety and to check formalities, it is essential to bring important documents such as your passport and national identity card.

What to pack 2

Your favourite type of travel?

Going on holiday is the dream of every person in the world. So select your favourite type of trip from a wide range of online options on travelboundmagazine.com. The travel guide is at your disposal!

Cultural tourism

Visit historical cities, castles and great monuments to enrich your knowledge. These works of art are full of traditions and customs to discover.


Opt for a seaside holiday or a romantic cruise for your honeymoon. Ideal for couples, the sea is full of romance.

The adventure tour

Enjoy the absolute pleasure of being in the middle of nature while choosing a trip to the mountains. For example, you can go hiking in the heart of the natural landscape.

Travel ideas for sun and dream beaches

Travel ideas for sun and dream beaches
Paradise beaches
Bathe in warm, crystal-clear water on the world's most beautiful beaches. With their supernatural beauty, they allow you to enjoy the soft caress of fine sand!
Travel ideas for sun and dream beaches 1
The remote islands
Discover remote islands with online travel ideas! The experts in the field offer a comprehensive guide to help you choose a fabulous travel destination.

Once-in-a-lifetime destinations

There are many destinations to visit at least once in a lifetime. These can be well-known countries frequented by tourists or less popular destinations where you can escape in peace.


Bali, the unconditional Indonesia

Unmissable and irresistible, Bali is one of the best travel destinations.

Discover the Bahamas from island to island

Discover the Bahamas from island to island

Visit the Bahamas archipelago from island to island to enjoy the beautiful beaches of paradise.

Coron and El Nido

Coron and El Nido, the gems of the Philippines

Made up of several islands, the Philippines is full of excellent choices for your trip.

Which accommodation to choose
when travelling?

Accommodation is very important to the success of your trip. For lovers, it is best to find a comfortable hotel room. However, renting a mobile home is also an excellent alternative. If you are travelling with your family, seasonal rental is your best choice of accommodation for more space.

Gastronomy: culinary specialities that make you travel

Today, culinary tourism is becoming increasingly popular with travellers. Famous for their unrivalled gastronomy, each country has a unique speciality in terms of catering. Whether it’s Spanish tortilla, Greek moussaka or Mexican tamales, there is a long list of culinary wonders to choose from. Your travel agency will also guide you through the discovery of tasty dishes around the world.